Connect – to God and One Another

Connect is all about building community at Charlton Baptist by connecting people to God, to one another and the church through vibrant and healthy small group experiences.

We believe that spiritual growth occurs best in the context of relationships with other believers, which in turn can lead to a greater commitment to and involvement in the overall life of the church and outreach into our communities. As people have a sense of belonging, it helps achieve the goal of becoming all that God wants them, and us as a church, to be.

Our Mission:

To foster community, advance spiritual maturity and strengthen church unity through small groups whereby meaningful relationships can develop and in turn contribute to fulfilling the church’s mission to be a  “community of believers, fully devoted to knowing Jesus Christ and make Him known”.

Our Objectives:

  1. To build maturing disciples by creating a relational context in which biblical principles can be studied, discussed and applied to everyday life.
  2. To assimilate new people into the life of Charlton Baptist by offering a clear and easy pathway for them to meet others and develop significant relationships.
  3. To expand our ability to offer care (spiritual, physical, financial, etc.) to the body by providing a context for the working out of the New Testament “one anothers”.
  4. To see small group function as ministry teams that will serve together in the church and in the community.
  5. To identify, train and deploy leaders for service inside and outside the small group ministry.

For more information about small groups you can contact Phil Welsher.